Acccessing Windows 10 Shared folders (samba shares) from Ubuntu 22.04

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Say, you have some files/folder, say D:\my_box_folder\ you would want to access from Ubuntu (terminal). Here are few steps you can follow:

Step 1: Share the folder in Windows 10

  • Right click on D:\my_box_folder\, click Properties. Then, on the Sharing tab, click Share button.

Step 2: (Admin only) Access the folder from Ubuntu 22.04 terminal

  • Make sure you have the cifs-utils package installed. Or, install it by sudo apt install cifs-utils.
    • Please note: CIFS stands for Common Internet File System. Also note, CIFS is now obsolete. It’s replaced with SAMBA.
  • Mount the shared folder into /mnt/cifs-my-box-folder. If the folder is not there, create it.
    • sudo mount -t cifs // /mnt/cifs-my_box_folder -o username=XXX
      • Here, replace XXX with Windows 10 username. Also, change the IP of the Windows 10 system.
      • It will definitely you ask you for the password for the user XXX
  • That’s it. If successful, you can get access to the D:\my_box_folder from your ubuntu system..


  • How to mount a SMB share in Ubuntu by Howard Young Link