Jupyter Notebook to pdf/html file

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If you would like to create a pdf/html from your jupyter notebook, you can use the handy nbconvert tool of jupyter. Here is how you can use it.


  • Make sure you have jupyter and nbconvert installed in your activated python virtual environment. You can install nbconvert by just this command: pip install nbconvert

Converting a notebook into PDF

jupyter nbconvert --to pdf yourNotebook.ipynb

  • This generates a PDF via your system’s latex (or more specifically xelatex) command. So, make sure you have these installed in your system otherwise the nbconvert will fail.

Converting a notebook into HTML

jupyter nbconvert --to html yourNotebook.ipynb

  • This exports a html version of the jupyter notebook.

Converting a notebook into WebPDF

jupyter nbconvert --to webpdf yourNotebook.ipynb

  • This generates a PDF by first rendering to HTMMLM, and rendering the HTML chromium headless, and exporting to PDF. The exporter supports the same template as --to html. The webpdf exporter requires the playwright Chromium automation library, which can be installed via pip install nbconvert[webpdf] command.