Data Science Competitions: A know-how to participate


It is problematic to find that there is a skewed availability of data science related learning contents vs. contents leading to what one is supposed to do with the learned concepts. Most teaching materials in Data Science, especially, Machine Learning and Deep Learning in an academic setting struggle to engage the pupils in applying the knowledge to solve everyday problems. There is a “believable gap” between graduating from a relevant course and applying the learned ideas in a real world impactful problem solving. Participating at the competitive data science platforms like Kaggle, DrivenData etc. put a participant in a position to utilize the concepts in a more practical way which is both encouraging and constructive. In this talk, the audience will learn about the importance of participating at the competitions, how to start participating at one of the venue, Kaggle and possessing a competitive mindset to improve the submission entry little-by-little amongst the thousands of experts in the world and eventually become successful in their career in Data Science.

Supporting materials